We are happy to announce that our data structure report, our interim statement of what we did and what we found during our 2018 excavation, is now available to download here.

Thanks again to Historic Environment Scotland and the University of Glasgow for funding the excavations, and Richard Strachan, John Raven and Simon Stronach of HES for support through the project. Our partners in the National Trust for Scotland and in particular Derek Alexander have been crucial to our understanding of the wider island context. Thanks also to Emma Wilkins (NTS ranger), Jane Martin and Gordon Rutherford of the HES staff on Iona for much help on site. Thanks to Andrew Prentice, the tenant farmer, for helping with access to Site D and interest in the excavations. As well as the main site team thanks are due to Gert Petersen, for organising and delivering our equipment for the excavation.

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