As part of the general refreshing and updating of their presentation of Iona, Historic Scotland commissioned Dr Katherine Forsyth of the University of Glasgow to provide recommendations on the redisplay of the Infirmary Museum, where the carved stones are displayed. Forsyth and research assistant Adrián Maldonado compiled a report for HS on the state of research of the iconic assemblage of carved stones from Iona, which is the largest collection of early medieval sculpture anywhere in Britain.

According to Historic Scotland, their work “was groundbreaking and innovative, rich in evidence-based interpretation, which was precisely what we required to provide the firm foundation for the now completed redisplay of the site museum.”

The Infirmary Museum reopened in 2013 incorporating their recommendations. Read some of the media coverage of the reopening here, and read the 2014 REF impact case study of Dr Forsyth’s work on Iona and carved stone research here.